Tennis & Spanish Package

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Why not having a taste of Argentina by combining Tennis and Spanish in Buenos Aires?

Discover the ideal combination of sports and language in this exclusive Tennis & Spanish vacation package in Argentina. Brush up on or begin learning Spanish and take your tennis game to a higher level.

This active and cultural package offers the unique opportunity of studying Spanish from the best native speaking professors. Our complete vacation package includes immersion in the Argentinean culture with professionalism and security.

Running Season: November – March.


Your Tennis & Spanish experience
in Argentina includes:

  • Airport Shuttle in/out
  • Exclusive Furnished Apartments and Hotels
  • City Tour of cultural and historical spots
  • Private Spanish Lessons
  • Spanish studying material
  • Private Tennis Lessons
  • Transfers to Tennis Training Facility

Testimonials: “Hola Juan, ¿Cómo estás? ¿Y el tenis? Para mi, el tenis está muy bien, pero la estación de tenis está terminada para el invierno (y ahora es la estación de hockey)… I hope my spanish isn’t too bad…I’m still practicing every week…so maybe one day I will be able to go live in Argentina and enjoy tennis…and nice temperature all year around!!!¡Hasta Pronto! tu amigo de Canada, Ramón” More testimonials.

  • Magnificent Tango Show Dinner
  • Day Excursion to Tigre and Delta
  • Wine Tasting
  • Bilingual Tennis Coordinator
  • Touring advice
  • Official Tennis in Argentina t-shirt
  • Special souvenir

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Tennis & Spanish Package Individually planned Tennis & Spanish package

Tennis & Spanish Package

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This individually planned Tennis & Spanish package allow you to experience real local life and get full exposure to the Spanish language plus access to red clay tennis courts and instruction in selected tennis clubs in Buenos Aires.