Description of Services Provided

To us, each guest we work with has unique request and individual needs. Each of our holiday tours in Argentina is unique.

We are here to plan trips to Argentina exactly as you want them, therefore you may not need all the services below, depending on which vacation package you choose.

Because we focus on YOU, we can coordinate other services not described that you might want to hire too.

Bilingual Coordinator

24-hour access to your personal coordinator who is focused on looking after your needs.

Airport Transfers

From the moment that you arrive to Buenos Aires until
the last minute of your visit, we take good care of you.

Airport transfers in private and modern vehicles
with AC are included for your convenience.


We understand that each person is unique. Accordingly, we offer three options for accommodations.

Option A                                                         Option B                                                          Option C
Furnished Apartments                                  Boutique Hotels                                            Upscale Hotels

All the accommodations we offer are conveniently located (Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Plaza San Martin) close to public transportation, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and commercial stores. They have cable TV, 24-hour security, and broadband internet access.

Sightseeing City Tour

A historical and cultural tour of the city’s fascinating architecture.

The schedule includes, but is not limited to, Palermo, San Telmo, Recoleta, la Boca, Puerto Madero, Congress, Retiro, Plaza San Martin, and museums.

Our tour is the perfect introduction to the fascinating metropolis of Buenos Aires.

A 5-6 hours long day activity. In our private sightseeing tour, you will discover Buenos Aires by walking the city, and taking public transportation together with your guide.

Tango Show Dinner

Buenos Aires is the birthplace and heart of Tango!

A spectacular Tango Show Dinner is an unforgettable introduction to Buenos Aires and its seductive dance. And it’s a great way to enjoy the famous culinary tradition and finest wines of Argentina.

Night activity.Transfers included.

Wine Tasting Savor

Argentinean’s unique wines, like Malbec, are worldwide appreciated.
Would you like to know why?

  • > 5 limited production boutique Argentine wines
  • > 5 traditional Argentine tapas
  • > Introduction to Argentinean wine production history, varietals, culture, and more

Learn about different grape varieties and become a wine connoisseur during our fun wine tastings in Buenos Aires. You can request for this optional service.

Mate Tasting in Buenos Aires

Would you like to feel local for real? The answer is simple, Mate for one day.

Mate is a traditional and popular beverage in Argentina. First introduced by the Guarani natives during the Jesuits colonization in Misiones; yerba mate has an smoked and bitter flavor. More important, it’s the symbol of friendship, social life and traditional Argentinean culture.

  • > Mate preparation and tasting
  • > Traditional Argentinians pastries and breads
  • > Local marmalade and dulce de leche

Discover what is mate, learn about its benefits (antioxidants, immunity support and friendship) and how is prepared together with exquisite pastries.

Feel what it looks like to share this traditional beverage among friends in Buenos Aires. Ask for this optional service.

Private Tennis Clinics

Private tennis clinics focus on your strokes, strategies, reflexes, and footwork. You will not only receive valuable advice from our highly experienced tennis pro team, but will also participate in fun drills and simulated match situations. You will be a champion at home!

  • > Private Tennis Clinics 90 minutes each
  • > Transfers to Tennis Training facility
  • > CD with pictures and videos
  • > Tango Tennis Argentina t-shirt

The tennis pros are former ATP, ITF, European Interclub’s, and Argentinean professional tennis players with many years of playing and teaching tennis. You will practice different aspects of tennis and specific tips of playing on red clay.

Tennis Facilities Options

We have two options as far as Tennis Club options go, one in the city and one in the suburbs. In both cases, the quality of the tennis instruction is superb. The suburbia tennis club has access to outdoor swimming pool. The private tennis clinics take place during the mornings (Monday – Friday).

City Location: Palermo – Belgrano                                 Suburbs Location: Pilar – San Isidro

Day Excursion to a Ranch (Estancia) – Argentina Land of Gauchos

This is a great opportunity to relax, to explore many activities typical of a traditional Argentinean estancia, and to escape from the city for a little while.

This is the perfect way to taste a typical Asado (BBQ) with Empanadas and Red wine.

Activities include carriages rides, horseback riding, and bird watching.

This is a relaxing day in a traditional and folkloric environment in a gorgeous area
Weekend activity (Saturdays or Sundays).

Group activity. Transfers included.

Excursion to the Rio de la Plata -Tigre and Delta

32 km away from downtown Buenos Aires, this spot in the North of the Province of Buenos Aires is undoubtedly a piece of living history since 1580.

The port of Tigre hosts an open market with streets full of the colors of rustic fabric, furniture, and accessories made in cane and willow, delicious jams and brilliant flowers. A half-day excursion to Tigre including Tren de la Costa and lunch.

Private or Group Weekend activity (Saturdays or Sundays). Transfers included. This great excursion is provided upon request.

Client Testimonials: “A tennis course tailored to your specific requirements. The company can also combine it with Tango lessons and Spanish teaching and conversation. I’d recommend this because of the high quality of the tennis facilities and coaching (my coach had worked with players on the ATP circuit and top five juniors from across South America) and because of the excellent personal service received (recommendations on food, cultural and leisure throughout BA, an individual tour of the city…” More testimonials.

Special Requests

We are uncompromising in our commitment to give you outstanding service on your next visit to Argentina. For this reason, additional services like entertainment tickets, shows, SPA, excursions and more are available upon your request.
Welcome to Argentina! Welcome to Tennis in Argentina!